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Beauty Travel Emergency Kit

Beauty Travel Emergency Kit

What are the essentials of your vacation bag? Which items do you always have with you on a trip? What weapons do you have in your arsenal for when disaster strikes? Here are a few of mine:

  1. It goes without saying, but bring as many travel-sized beauty products as you can— even if you brought a checked bag. The amount of times my full-sized bottle of lotion has exploded in the high airplane elevation is astounding— no matter how careful I think I’m being (ziplocks and all). Travel-sized products are a good insurance policy, that if something adversely happens, it won’t actually be that bad. Another added bonus is that travel-sized productsaren’t as heavy, so you can bring that extra pair of shoes with you, or you can bring back home all those souvenir Russian Nesting Dolls or snow globes without worrying about going over the weight limit.
  2. You never know how your skin is going to react on a vacation. My skin throws so many travel curve balls at me. I’ve been shocked (and horrified) at the rollercoaster of emotions my skin expresses in different climates. From dry and flaky, to insanely bumpy and red— still trying to figure out my travel skincare algorithm! But until I do, I always make sure to carry two different masks with me on any given vacation. Always have a hydrating mask and a acne-relief mask with you. I promise you’ll thank me later. *Also, a sheet mask is a great alternative to bringing a traditional bottled cream mask because its lighter, disposable and WAY more travel-friendly.
  3. Safety pins, safety pins, safety pins. The ultimate multifunctional travel tool. They come with me everywhere! I’ve witnessed too many clothing mishaps, too many random broken zippers, too many busted buttons— call it Murphys Law, I guess. I don’t know why, but safety pins give me an unparalleled sense of security. Be the friend that comes to the rescue after your girlfriend splits her seam reenacting Kevin Bacon in Footloose. Buttons pop off. Zippers break. Crazy things happen while traveling— be prepared.
  4. I carry a facial misting spray with me at any given moment (purse sized, always). But I up the application amount after I’ve been on an airplane dripping in stale air, thats been recirculated dozens of times. It brings a level of freshness with it that you wouldn’t think possible on that dry, parched, thirsty flight. I spray the ultra fine mist on my face and chest pre-flight, mid-flight, and post-flight. Then again and again and again throughout the duration of my vacation. Excessive? I don’t think so. If there ever was an airplane hack, this is it. Do it.
  5. When we leave on a trip, often all of our daily health practices get thrown out the window. Because we’re busy sipping fruity drinks by the pool, or trying out new foods and experiencing new life in foreign cultures— and while this is amazing, you can come home from vacation feeling depleted and out of sync. My solution? Portable vitamins. Because sometimes carrying a Costco-size bottle isn’t practical. Take a pill box with you (yes, the one your grandma uses) and load it up with whatever supplements you’re taking regularly OR get vitamins already pre-packaged for travel. My favorite is a probiotic, for keeping the good bacteria in your body! And when taken regularly, I never get a post-airplane cold, my digestive system stays in sync through all the weird foods I’m eating, and most importantly, my energy stays up so I can thoroughly enjoy my well-earned vacation.
  6. Dry eyes, red eyes, weepy eyes— these are all things travelers struggle with. The airplane can be so dehydrating! Pair that with any myriad of allergens that could be present in the destination you travel to, and you have a recipe for eyes that need some extra love. Which is why I make it point to travel with a vial of artificial tears, which are soothing, calm the redness, and target the allergen triggers which are making your eyes itchy. Let’s travel with clear eyes.
  7. One more quick travel tip for maintaining healthy skin in flight and after: Drink LOADS of water before and during the entire flight. I don’t care how many times you have to get up to go to the bathroom. Drink aqua. Then right when you get off the airplane, stop at an airport cafe and grab a coconut water and POUND that beverage. Most cafes have them these days. The coconut water loads you up with skin-hydrating nutrients. It’s a game changer.


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