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Gideon…Do You Believe?

Gideon…Do You Believe?


Article by | Laura Wertz

Ghost hunters and paranormal investigative teams, it seems, have really sprung up around the nation in the last decade or so. But really people have been researching the paranormal since the beginning of time. Paranormal research has come a long way since that time with all kinds of electronic gadgets and gizmos; however, sometimes all it takes is something as simple as a kid’s board game.
A Ouija board seems harmless enough, right? I mean, you can find it in almost any department store in the toy/game aisle. But is it really a harmless family game or a glimpse into the non-conscious mind; or even darker, the devil’s tool?

Maybe you’ve gambled with chances of playing with a Ouija board and were lucky enough to escape anything supernatural, but that wasn’t the case in this story.

It begins innocently enough among just a few friends, you know, as a game. Unbeknownst to one young woman in the group, we’ll call her Mary, this began her insatiable curiosity for communicating with the dead. So much so, in fact, that she soon discovered she could “play the game” all by herself. She wasn’t searching out anyone in particular but fearing this could be a portal for some unwelcome spirit, Mary decides it best to just be done with the Ouija and throws it in the trash. Later on in the day, she’s going about her business and something seems oddly out of place. She looks across the room, and there on the shelf sits the Ouija board! Okay, this has to be a joke, she thinks. Well, she’s not going to let anyone get the best of her, so this time she walks with the board outside to the trash at the curb. She even watches the next day to make sure the garbage truck takes it away. Feeling confident that it’s gone for good this time, she breathes a sigh of relief while walking back into the house…and there, on the shelf, once again is the Ouija board! She asked everyone, who thought they were being funny by playing pranks on her and that whoever it was it just wasn’t funny anymore. When no one would confess to being the prankster, Mary goes to drastic measures to rid herself of the game by burning it…and then Gideon happens.

Gideon, it turns out, is not the evil or demonic kind of spirit, but instead a protector of sorts, and maybe even a prankster in his own right. Gideon was notorious for hiding things or making you think you misplaced things if he didn’t like you, especially any man Mary might be interested in at the time. It wasn’t uncommon for Mary’s date to place his shoes under the coffee table only to find them already at the front door at the end of the evening; not having a clue, by the young gentleman, how in the world they ended up there. I guess it was Gideon’s way of saying, “You don’t stand a chance so quit wasting your time!”

Mary would eventually get married and begin a family, and all the while, Gideon is there to protect her. One thing you learned, sometimes the hard way, is to never laugh or make light of Gideon’s protective role of Mary as did her brother-in-law once; but only once. One night while visiting and talking into the wee hours of the morning the conversation turned to a discussion of the supernatural and of course the subject of Gideon came up. Well her brother-in-law tells her that was a ridiculous thing he’d ever heard and there was no way she’d ever convince him Gideon was real, and better yet, could protect her. So what does Mary do – she tells her brother-in-law, “I’ll just send Gideon home with you for awhile, just until you’re convinced.” The next day Mary’s in-laws make their trek back home, all the way to Oklahoma, mind you.

They make it back to Oklahoma with no problems but when they settle into their normal routine, Gideon has other plans in store for “Mr. Skepticism.” Seemingly, over the next few days, odd things began to occur; car keys would disappear and jewelry would be lost. Of course, this couldn’t be Gideon’s doing since he doesn’t exist. It wasn’t until pictures started to fly off the wall and light bulbs would shatter upon entering a room that he was finally convinced. Mary was not surprised when she received a phone call from her brother-in-law begging for her to “take him back, please!” She told him that if he asked for his lost things back and apologized for so flippantly dismissing the idea that Gideon could, and did exist, that his things would be returned to him in the exact place where he knew them to be last and Gideon would no longer bother him. Now knowing that Mary probably knew this to be true, and the fact that he just needed Gideon to be gone, he did as she suggested and all of his things were returned just as Mary told him they would be, and things would soon be back to normal.

As time passed Mary would go on to have kids, three to be exact, and they all grew up with the knowledge that Gideon, not only played a big part in their mother’s life, but also in theirs as he became a protector for them as well. They discovered, very quickly, however, it wasn’t easy to pull a fast one over on her if you tried to tell her that Gideon was the reason they couldn’t find their homework or that he must’ve hidden their report card. Mom, of course, always knew!

Since Mary was so extraordinarily enamored with the supernatural, she would often, jokingly, tell her kids and grandkids that there would be no need to miss her if she ever died because, just like Gideon, she was going to come back and haunt them – in the protective sort of way, of course. That day finally did come, and what a sad day it was, but rest assured Mary was true to her word. They don’t find it unusual at all when they feel her presence with them or even smell her perfume.

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