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How To Make Your Own Sugar Scrub At Home- Ecualyptus

How To Make Your Own Sugar Scrub At Home- Ecualyptus


Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub has proven to be one of our favorite personal care DIY projects. As the weather gets cooler, we’re wearing sandals and flip-flops less frequently and thinking our feet need a little extra TLC.  Treating them to a sugar scrub seemed like just the thing so we made one that really does the trick.

Homemade Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub

You can purchase sugar scrubs but making one takes no time at all and costs very little compared to any you will buy.  You need only a few ingredients and we used just three:  sugar, a base oil, and an essential oil.  We chose coconut oil as our base because it is fantastic for skin. Every single time we’ve made this recipe, we’ve used Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil. There is no particular reason we chose this brand other than it’s what was available in the health food section of our grocery store the first time we made the sugar scrub. We like it and we’ve stayed with it. Another popular choice for the base oil is sunflower oil. Vitamin E oil can also be used or added as a supplemental oil since it is good for the skin, and the essential oils (for fragrance and health benefits) are completely optional.  If you don’t want any fragrance or benefits other than the scrub–leave the essential oils out.

We knew we wanted essential oils in our scrub so after a little debate about which we would use, we settled on eucalyptus.  Basically, we’ve both always liked the smell of eucalyptus but it turns out that its properties are great for a sugar scrub (especially one for tired feet)! It’s cooling and energizing, antibiotic, deodorizing, good for ailing joints, and good for circulation.  The perfect prep before a fall pedicure, we thought.

We experimented with the sugar to coconut oil ratio until we got a consistency we liked.  A 1:1 ratio was creamy but I thought it left too much oil on the skin that needed to be cleaned off.  The final 2:1 solution created a paste and added just enough moisture to the skin without feeling messy. You can definitely use less oil, if you like. I’ve seen formulas that only used 1/4 of a cup but that seems really dry and after experimenting making lavender sugar scrub, I really like 1/2 cup of coconut oil.

Play around with yours until you get the consistency you like. Use any essential oil that works for you, taking into consideration where on your body you will be using it. We’ve learned to not fill the jars too full since the oil might get squeezed out a little bit. That can be messy if you’re wrapping jars of sugar scrub to share.

Prep time
Total time
Author: Shannon
Recipe type: Homemade Beauty Product
  • ¼ to 1 cup coconut oil
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 10-15 drops essential oil (optional)
  • food coloring (optional)
  1. Combine the coconut oil and one cup of the sugar in a bowl and mix until creamy.
  2. Add the essential oil while continuing to stir. This is when you would add coloring too.
  3. Add the remaining sugar until the formula reaches the desired consistency.
  4. Scrub away and love your super soft skin! Store the remaining scrub in a tightly sealed container for later use.


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