Since bourbon is from the south, it understandably pairs well with most southern dishes—especially dishes that feature fattier meats, like bacon, ham, etc.  It’s important to remember that when pairing foods with bourbon, you don’t want one to overpower the other.  Based on this principle, nuts pair well with bourbon, because they each have equally rich flavors.  Fruits pair well with bourbon, too.


The sugars in certain fruits can sometimes create flavor changes in the bourbon, making for an all-new drinking experience. Chocolate is also great to pair with your bourbon.  In general, anything with sweet, smoky, or slightly spicy flavors will most likely pair well with bourbon.  Once you find your favorite flavor profiles, you can get creative and start making your own innovative food pairings to go with this classic southern drink.

Red River single barrel

Our oldest and finest bourbon. Carefully selected from different parts of our racks and tasted to ensure perfection. This is bottled from one single barrel rather than blended from several as well as bottled at a higher proof for a more concentrated flavor. Irresistible to whiskey enthusiasts and coveted by collectors.

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Megaen Reynolds


Don't let her laid-back smile fool you - Megaen is absolutely fierce when it comes to her CASA kiddo! Although she was only assigned to the case 2 months ago, Megaen's tireless work has already had significant impact. her case involves a very sweet girl who has endured unthinkable situations in her four short years of life. Suspicions of additional abuse had been expressed by a nurse practitioner, however, these concerns were not addressed by the Department or the child's attorney. Megaen felt strongly that all issues needed to be investigated thoroughly to ensure the safest environment for the child.


Megaen jumped into her case with no hesitation. She has made inquiries with the nurse to gather complete information regarding the abuse suspicions and gain clarification for the report to the judge. Megaen then began making numerous unannounced visits to the family home in order to accurately journal occupants and visitors. she located and interviewed on-site maintenance worker to further corroborate her observations.  Because of her dedication, Megaen has compiled ample evidence that there was a man living in the home that put her kiddo at risk for further abuse.


Megaen serves as a perfect example of the importance of CASA advocacy.  Having one volunteer dedicated to one case allows for in-depth investigation and better outcomes.


Thank you, Megaen, for having such a positive impact on this young life!


Simple Ways to protect your bones




As men and women age, many take steps to improve their overall health. These steps can be as simple as cutting back on dinner portions or as significant as joining a gym and committing to an exercise regimen.


One of the best things men and women can do to improve their health, as well as their quality of life, as they age is to protect their bones. Though some are aware of the importance of protecting their bones, which weaken as the aging process progresses, leaving older adults susceptible to fractures, many might not know that protecting their bones is quite simple. What's more, many of the roughly two million bone fractures caused by osteoporosis, a medical condition in which the bones become brittle from loss of tissue, are preventable. Men and women who heed the following tips to help protect their bones can reduce their risk of fractures as they age.


* Get your calcium and vitamin D. Calcium and vitamin D promote bone health, and many people are aware of those effects. However, a 2005 study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocriology found that 52 percent of postmenopausal women on osteoporosis treatment had insufficient levels of vitamin D, despite being told by their doctors to take both vitamin D and calcium. If your diet does not include adequate vitamin D, which can be found in fortified dairy products, egg yolks, and fish, then vitamin D supplements can help meet your needs. Calcium can be found in a variety of products, including fortified cereals and juices, dark leafy greens like broccoli, almonds and a host of dairy products.


* Visit your physician. Few people might know that bone health is actually measurable. A bone density screening can assess your bone health, while FRAX®, an online tool developed by the World Health Organization, evaluates a individual's risk of fracture based on a host of factors, including age, weight, height and your medical history. FRAX® models give a 10-year probability of fracture, which can help prevent injuries down the road for those people whose risk might not be immediate. The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends all women begin receiving bone density screenings at age 65. However, women with additional risk factors, including smokers, those with low weight or a thin frame, family history of osteoporosis, late onset of menstrual periods, and a history of anorexia or bulimia, should consult their physician about screenings regardless of their age.


* Get out and exercise. Exercise is another great way to protect your bones. Unless you suddenly embrace competitive weightlifting, exercise won't increase your bone density, but it will help you maintain the bone density you already have. Something as simple as walking can help maintain bone density, as can other weight-bearing activities like jogging.


Cardiovascular weight-bearing activities can be coupled with strength training, which recent studies have found may improve bone mineral density, something that could delay the onset of osteoporosis and reduce your risk of fracture. A gym will likely have all of the strength-training materials you will need, but you can also purchase some hand weights or additional resistance training products to ensure your bones are getting adequate exercise. Consult a physician before beginning an exercise regimen, especially if you have recently had a fracture.


More information about protection your bones is available at




Your Amarillo Adventure Awaits



Stop telling yourself that a job you love that sends you around the world is outside the realm of possibilities - it's not!


One of the first questions I ask new clients is, "What do you want to do?" The question is often met with a blank stare, or responses like, "Well, when I was younger, I wanted to be a _______, but ....." Or, "I'm really goo at ______, but I'd never make enough money doing that."


And that's when I call BS.


Trust me - you should trust your gut. When we get too caught up in our heads and don't listen enough to our hearts, we often end up on the wrong path. But what you want - and need - in your hear is never going to go away.


This is often the dilemma of clients who want to travel for a living - they know what they want, but they're sure they'd never find a job that would pay them to explore the world, or that if they could find a gig like that, they'd never make enough money.


Not the case my friend! If you love to travel, and love it even more when it's on someone else's dime, and you want to get paid to do it, read on to learn about the best travel jobs out there.


1. BARTENDER/SERVER Bars and restaurants exist everywhere, and the duties and responsibilities tend to be the same universally. Especially if you have experience in this area, landing a job in new locales as you travel around shouldn't be hard. The biggest constraint is that you'd need to some command of the language since you're working with the public. Moreover, visa requirements vary by country - be sure to check the State Department website for further details on how to go abroad.


2. EVENT PLANNER Imagine getting paid to attend the World Cup or the Olympics. Planning massive events like these requires a lot of work, before, during, and after the events, so the companies that are hired to plan them are heavily staffed. Working for a company that orchestrates large scale events like these will guarantee you'll be traveling the world plenty.


3. INTERNATIONAL TOUR GUIDE OR TOUR DIRECTOR A tour guide actually leads groups of visitors around sites, whereas a tour director plans the logistics behind the scenes. Guides and directors are needed in basically all major tourist destinations worldwide, so there are plenty of opportunities available. It's a great way to learn about new places while making money, and it's definitely exciting work. You get to meet all kids of different people, and no two workdays are the same.


4. TEACHING ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE The requirements vary country to country, so you may have to get some sort of certification beforehand, but ESL teachers are highly sought worldwide. According to one source, Asian countries seem to have the highest demand and the best pay, although there is also solid demand in Central America and Europe, too.


5. GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE If you're interested in foreign affairs and public service, seeking a position as a Foreign Service Officer may be an ideal opportunity for you. The main advantages of this line of work are job security with great benefits and pay. The cons are that you have to pass a Foreign Service Officer exam to qualify, and you have little say in where you get assigned The process is lengthy.


6. CRUISE SHIP EMPLOYEE OR FLIGHT ATTENDANT What better travel job than working for the company that provides the mode of transportation for travelers? There’s a huge variety of jobs available aboard cruise ships, including entertainment (musicians, dancers, broadcast and sound technicians), as well as service (cooks, bartenders, servers), and positions in logistics (electricians, maintenance staff, hotel managers, childcare employees). The main perks are free meals and accommodations while sailing the world. Drawbacks are that positions are pretty competitive to get, and the hours are long.


Flight attendant positions are somewhat easier to secure. Most airlines only require that candidates have some type of prior experience in customer service. Downsides, though, are crazy hours and a fast-paced lifestyle with little control over where you end up each night. But you’ll get to travel all over, and the job also comes with steep discount on flights for employees as well as friends and families.


7. FREELANCE WRITING OR PHOTOGRAPHY, OR WELL, FREELANCE ANYTHING The gig economy is on the rise, and more and more people are building their careers on freelance work, instead of freelancing merely as a side hustle. There are pros and cons to this, but one of the main draws is that, depending on your line of work, freelancing can enable you to become location independent, meaning you’re not tied to living in one specific area to do your job and earn income.


If the travel bug has bitten you, stop ignoring it. Stop telling yourself that a job you love that sends you around the world is outside the realm of possibilities—it’s not! Even if travel isn’t your thing, try to listen more intently to yourself about what it is that you really want to do in this life, and do it. The only one holding you back is you!


You only live once… So, live.

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Why plant a garden with Vegetables

How TO plan a vegetable garden

Why plant a garden with vegetables

Starting a vegetable garden at home is an easy way to save money that $2 tomato plant can easily provide you with 10 pounds of fruit over the course of a season.


But planting a garden with vegetables also gives you the pleasure of savoring a delicious, sun-warmed tomato fresh from your backyard. In almost every case, the flavor and texture of varieties you can grow far exceed grocery store produce.


Plus, growing vegetables can be fun. it's a great way to spend time with children or have  a place to get away and spend time outdoors in the sun.


Learning what to plant in a garden with vegetables, and how to tend them for the best harvest, is probably easier than you think. If you plan it right, you can enjoy a beautiful garden full of the fruits of your labor, without having to spend hours and hours tending it. Planting a garden that includes vegetables and flowers means you've combined natural companions, and that can turn a potential eyesore into an attractive landscape feature.


Deciding What to Plant in a Garden with Vegetables - At first, when deciding what to plant in a garden with vegetables, it's best to start small. Many gardeners get a little too excited at the beginning of the season and plant more than they need, being that a number of vegetables tend to be high-yield.


So first, think about how much your family will eat when you're planning a vegetable garden. Keep in mind that vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, and squash keep providing throughout the season -- so you may not need many plants to serve your needs. Other vegetables, such as carrots, radishes, and corn, produce only once. You may need to plant more of these.


Determining How Much Space You Need - Once you know what you want to plant, you can figure out how to plan a vegetable garden with the right amount of space.


Keep in mind that when figuring out what to plant in a garden with vegetables, you don't need a large space to begin. If you choose to grow in containers, you don't even need a yard -- a deck or balcony may provide plenty of space.


In fact, a well-tended 10x10-foot vegetable garden will usually produce more than a weed-filled or disease-ridden 25x50-foot bed.



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